AR isn’t ready for the real world yet, and Apple’s WWDC conference proved it

With some long-rumored tech products like the Apple XR headset or Pixel Fold, you start to feel like Charlie Brown sprinting excitedly towards that football, hoping in vain that Lucy the Leaker won’t yank the football away for the nth time. But one alleged delay after another makes you jaded that the product will ever ship.

We’ve known for years that Apple was working on AR / VR hardware. As a Techradar freelancer, I wrote a 2018 rumor roundup (opens in new tab) noted Apple’s imminent plans for AR / VR glasses with pancake optics. Tim Cook said in 2017 that “the technology itself doesn’t exist to do [AR] in a quality way “yet, but leakers insisted Apple AR / VR would ship in 2020. Then 2021. Then 2022.

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