Step By Step Guide On How To Build Raised Garden Beds – Home and Garden

Source: Pixabay Raised-garden-bed gardening is also known as container gardening. It’s very helpful for people with limited mobility, older people, people in wheelchairs, and even kids. Raised garden beds can help make gardening easier and more comfortable. Also, in some urban areas, where there are no other options, container gardening can be your go-to way … Read more

Products to pamper your dog

Here are some products to pamper your dog this summer! I recently showed these on Good morning Arizona and thought I’d share them with you here too! Bully Max Freeze Dried Toppers Bully Max Instant Fresh Dog Food     Leisure Memory Foam Dog Beds   The Pioneer Woman Large Melamine Pet Bowl ( Assorted … Read more

11 Tie Dye Patterns to Try

Here are eleven tie dye patterns to try. Whether you are a newbie or a dip and dye pro, maybe you’ll find something you like! These are assorted folding and banding patterns I found online, as well as a few that I made in my studio. Add them to your creative arsenal! Pros and cons … Read more