We Really Need to Talk About Mode Confusion

// php echo do_shortcode (‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’)?> We hear repeated claims from AV advocates that using technology to replace humans as drivers will lead to safer roads. But where is the evidence? Moreover, where is the progress? Privately owned passenger vehicles are not going to be autonomous, or self-driving, any time … Read more

GFCI Outlet Installation | Step-by-Step GFCI Receptacle Installation Guide

One of the essential electrical devices in modern residential electrical system is the GFCI. A properly installed GFCI can save hundreds of lives from electrocution, burns, electric shocks and other electricity related injuries. In this guide, we will take a quick and brief look at GFCI, different types of GFCI Devices, typical GFCI Wiring and … Read more

Integrated power system manages battery, load and back-up

Adel Systems has developed an integrated power solution, with diagnosis, back-up internal power sharing and the MODbus communication protocol. Today’s smart cities require a range of information and communications technology (ICT) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems which must operate continuously and must reliably send and receive data in a secure environment. Part of the … Read more

World’s Smallest Hacking Laptop – Electronics For You

In this age of flexible working, the usage of laptops anywhere and everywhere has become a norm. Fast computing machines, especially for programming related tasks, are essential. Tasks including network penetration and testing the potency of malware and virus is often performed in spying and ethical hacking. The user is required to work on a … Read more

The Most Frequently Asked MIPI I3C Questions — Answered

What you’ll learn: How MIPI I3C relates to I2C. C. How MIPI I3C Basic compares to the full I3C specification. How and where MIPI I3C is used today. MIPI I3C, designed as the successor to the hugely popular I2C interface, is the MIPI Alliance’s lightweight interface for easily and cost-efficiently connecting peripherals such as sensors, … Read more

Power Density in 3D Power Packaging

This article is part of the Power Management Series: Delving Into Power Density Members can download this article in PDF format. What you’ll learn: Various techniques for embedding 3D packaging to boost power density. Different methods for cooling chips using 3D packaging. New and emerging technologies for 3D packaging are being deployed at the printed-circuit-board … Read more

The Essentials of AI Edge Computing

This video is part of TechXchange: AI on the Edge. You can also check out more TechXchange Talks videos. NXP Semiconductors provides a range of hardware and software tools and solutions that address edge computing, including support for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The company’s new eBook, Essentials of Edge Computing (PDF eBook), … Read more

The flame that doesn’t burn – Open Electronics

Based on Neopixel and a special ultra-thin Arduino, it simulates the light produced by chimney flames As every year, the approach of the winter season stimulates our imagination and reminds us that electronics can do a lot, not only concretely (creating automatisms for indoor air conditioning) but also for pleasure and leisure; so here are … Read more

Metasurface Enables High-Efficiency Harvesting of Ambient RF Energy

What you’ll learn: What is a metasurface and how can it be used to capture ambient-RF energy? How an energy-harvesting metamaterial was constructed using this technique. The test setup used and results of the RF-harvesting scheme across various parameters. Energy harvesting, with its many manifestations, is often an attractive and viable solution to provide long-term … Read more

Hybrid Hele-Kites Offer a Novel Approach to Wind Power

This article is part of the 2022 April 1st series in the Humor topic within our Series Library. My latest assignment for Electronic Design took me to Blairstown Airport, a small unpaved strip located in the Middle of Nowhere, New Jersey, where I’d be having breakfast with Dr. Benissimo Frankolini, the CEO of alternative-energy startup … Read more