Discord Unblocked | How To Unblock Discord?

We all love Discord. It is our favorite in-game chat and VoIP application. You can join public or private channels to communicate with other people. Gamers often use Discord to create game-specific channels for multi-player communication. Streamers also use Discord to create private channels to chat with their viewers. It is a fun little application for a bunch of friends to “hang out”. But certain places such as schools, universities, public places (libraries, government facilities), etc. block access to certain websites including Discord. Is there any way to bypass such restrictions? How to unblock Discord? What is Discord Unblocked?

In this guide, we will see simple steps that can help you bypass the restrictions on Discord or other similar websites. We will also take a look at a special application, the “Discord Unblocked” app that can allow Chromebook users to access Discord.

Why Is Discord Blocked or Restricted?

Discord is essentially a type of social networking platform. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Discord is more of a closed-room chat system. You can create a channel and add your friends to that channel.

Only the members of the channel can participate in text or voice communication. This is very useful for online gamers who play multiplayer games.

They can integrate Discord into the game and communicate with other players directly from the game.

If Discord is a simple communication app for text or voice chat, then why is it blocked or restricted?

We can assess this in two ways. First, most schools and universities block Discord within their networks. They do this to prevent students from engaging in chat sessions or sending files using Discord during class timings.

This is not only with Discord but other social media platforms may also face this restriction.

Another type of restriction that Discord faces is due to government policies or censorship laws. As Discord is a chat room, there is a scope for people to post controversial content associated with politics, religion, race, or other extreme stuff.

If you take countries such as China, North Korea, Iran, etc. Discord is permanently banned here without any exceptions.

How To Unblock Discord?

It is really frustrating when our favorite in-game chat application has restricted access at your school or workplace. Is there any way to unblock Discord? Let us see some basic ways to bypass restrictions on Discord access and unblock it.


The first and most popular way to unlock Discord is to use a VPN Service. If you are familiar with VPN, then it acts as a “private” network on public infrastructure.

Using VPN, you can route your internet traffic through a special encrypted path rather than going through your ISP-specified path.

One of the main applications of a VPN is to unblock restricted websites. In our case, we can use a VPN Service to unblock Discord.

Before starting the Discord app on your computer, launch the VPN Service that you subscribed to. Connect to a server that you are sure does not block or restrict access to Discord.

Now, you can open the Discord App on your computer and access it.

Use Proxy

Web Proxy is one of the simplest ways to access restricted websites. A Proxy Site or Proxy Server can help you browse a particular website anonymously and also circumvent any restrictions.

You can also overcome the geographical restrictions and access a blocked website which is Discord in this case.

There are several free and paid proxy sites, where you just type the URL of the blocked or restricted website and it will take you to a “proxy” website without any restrictions.

Change DNS

Domain Name System or DNS is responsible for resolving the website URLs that we enter in our web browsers into appropriate IP Addresses.

If your school or university network blocked Discord, then you can change the DNS Server and try to assign a new DNS Server to your computer.

In this way, your computer will not access your school network’s DNS but rather goes through the server that you specified.

There are several third-party DNS servers such as Google, AdGuard, Cisco, Cloudflare, etc. Use the Sever Addresses of any of these DNS Servers and then try to access the Discord App on your computer.

Use Web Version

You can access Discord in several ways. The desktop application is by far the most popular way, but alternatively, you can also use Discord’s website to use the Discord services.

The UI is very similar to the Desktop app, but the benefit is that you don’t have to download the application.

If your school or university network blocks downloading the desktop app for your computer, then you can try the web browser version of Discord. Of course, this is assuming that your school has not blocked the web version of Discord.

Access Discord With IP Address

Instead of using the desktop application or the web version of Discord, you can directly access the Discord Web Page using its IP Address. This will bypass the DNS Server and can unblock Discord if it is blocked for you.

But how to get the IP Address of Discord? It is very simple. If you are using a Windows system, open Command Prompt. To do this, first press Windows and R Key together (Win + R) to bring the Run Command. Then type “cmd” and click OK.

In the command prompt, type “tracert discord.com” and hit enter. You will get a response as “Tracing route to discord.com [xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]” followed by some additional information.

The value next to discord.com in the above response is the IP Address of Discord.

Copy this IP Address, type it in a web browser, and hit enter. Depending on your network, this may or may not work. Most of the time, you will get an error from Cloudflare saying “Direct IP access not allowed”.

Use Discord On Smartphone

Instead of using Discord on your computer, you can download the official app on your smartphone and use it there. But don’t connect to the school’s or university’s network.

Use your mobile data. You can also use your mobile data on your school or work laptop by enabling a hotspot or tethering (USB or Bluetooth).

Discord Unblocked App

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then you can try the Discord Unblocked app. This is available as an extension for Chrome Browser. In case you are using a Chromebook, Discord Unblocked appears as an application.

This is a free app that can bypass any restrictions on Discord. Although this app is designed with ChromeOS in mind, you can use it on any Chrome Web Browser as an extension.

There are no advertisements in Discord Unblocked. Also, the CPU usage by this app is very little. You will receive all the updates as soon as Discord releases them.

Just search for “Discord Unblocked” in the Chrome Web Store and add the extension to the Chrome browser.


Discord, while being a free VoIP and text messaging platform, has been blocked in certain areas or networks. With these restrictions, you cannot directly access the Discord App or the web page.

You have to look at different methods to bypass the restrictions on Discord. In this guide, we saw some reasons why Discord is blocked.

We also saw some simple ways to unblock Discord in your school, university, or even if your country has put a permanent ban on Discord.

VPN, Proxy, DNS, and Discord Unblocked are some of the common ways to bypass Discord restrictions and access Discord.

There may be other ways to unblock or access Discord. If you feel that we missed a method or two, then do let us know in the comments section below. This will not only help us but also other readers.

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