I’m not convinced Nothing has what it takes to become something

After months of rumors, nothing CEO Carl Pei announced that the company is, in fact, launching a smartphone soon. Not much is known about the Nothing phone (1), but we do know that it will run Nothing OS, which Pei envisions as the center of its new open platform.

During the announcement, Pei talked about how he wants to create an ecosystem similar to what Apple has done with its products. However, he wants its ecosystem to work with more than just its own devices, giving users the option to choose. But while Apple might be Nothing’s target, it may not actually be that deep. And Nothing may have a hard time squeezing itself into an already crowded space.

Who is the real competition here?

(Image credit: Android Central)

Because frankly, it’s not Apple. Carl Pei seems to talk big game by mentioning Apple, but that’s because a company that’s still trying to get on solid financial footing needs to hype itself (and everyone else) up for the Nothing phone (1).

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