Microcontroller Controls Relays via RF Modules

Members can download this article in PDF format. In this design idea, you will learn how to interface two PIC microcontrollers using a wireless 433-MHz RF transmitter/receiver pair to control up to six relays and monitor two analog signals. The design will find multiple applications intended for smart-home systems. The RF modules (PT2262) used in … Read more

Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android

Xbox Game Pass for Android is here, and although the service supports hundreds of games, only some of those support touch controls. The preferred method for playing these games may be to grab a controller, but you have the choice to go the old-school mobile gaming route and just use the screen of your phone … Read more

How to configure on-screen controls in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has some of the better virtual controls we’ve seen in a shooter. They’re fairly easy to use, support multiple types of playstyles, and translate well in both third-person and first-person views. They also change depending on what type of weapon you’re holding and what Legend you use. That said, nothing is perfect … Read more