Smartphones these days have so many features, but does anyone actually use them?

Once upon a time, there was a catchy slogan used by a certain fruit company to prove a point. “There’s an app for that” was more than something that was just said in endless numbers of commercials. It meant that, even though iPhones were woefully behind in features when compared to Android phones, any app … Read more

Fitbit & Apple Fitness should stop chastising people for taking rest days

C. Scott Brown / Android Authority It’s no secret that the fitness tracking offered by Fitbit, Samsung, Google, Apple, and the like aims to help users begin and sustain their fitness journey, rather than turning them into a sprinter or a powerlifter. In this respect, their health platforms are pretty well-designed – you’ll regularly see … Read more

Around the world in 80 Days from the comfort of your phone [Android Game of the Week]

Spurred by a recent obsession with shows like The Gilded Age, I’ve been chasing down any kind of entertainment that can provide that late-19th / early-20th century flavor. I wasn’t expecting to find any good mobile games that capitalized on such a specific – and antiquated – setting, but 80 Days somehow managed to deliver … Read more