What are the Challenges Facing SmartNIC Designers?

This video is part of the TechXchange: SmartNIC Accelerating the Smart Data Center and TechXchange Talks SmartNICs are forming the front end to the cloud, allowing significant amounts of processing to occur at the communication interface. This offloads the cluster of processors and GPGPUs that make up the main computing unit of a cloud or … Read more

Voltx.ai Is A Productivity Suite For Battery Designers

EFY chanced upon Voltx.ai, a firm that claims to offer an innovative design tool for battery designers, and spoke to Anton Doos, the CEO, to understand the tool better and their revenue strategy. Anton Doos, CEO, VOLTX.AI Q. Can you please explain your product in detail? A. Voltx.ai is a productivity suite for battery designers. … Read more