What is OEM Service in Electronics

You have probably heard the term “OEM” before and chances are that you are within arm’s reach of several OEM products wherever you are currently seated. OEM, short for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, refers to a company that produces systems or components that may be used in another company’s end products. OEMs are usually the first … Read more

Successful Tips for Hardware Design- Electronics For You

The pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we live, and now how we design hardware boards/Products. This article talks about tips for building a successful first attempt at hardware/product design, considering post-pandemic challenges. Electronics component shortages and design impact: Component shortages (due to end of life and larger lead time) in the … Read more

1990s: The graduate student who helped the electronics industry face a global crisis

By David H. Freedman 09.23.2022 0 //php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> In 1974, three scientists published a paper that would rock the US and global electronics industry 15 years later. The paper laid out the chemical life cycle of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a family of compounds that had proven hugely useful … Read more

Five Electronics Component Trends To Watch In 2022

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> Rapid advances in the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), wireless technologies, and wireless charging are some of the biggest drivers behind the development of new electronic components in 2022. Coupled with digitalization across most manufacturing sectors with big trends like Industry 4.0, smart … Read more

Electronics manufacturer partners with Omron to improve inspection as business grows

By Brad Ward, Technical Manager, Advanced Sensing & Inspection Solutions, Omron Automation 09.12.2022 0 //php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> For manufacturers of electronic PCBAs that support end products in infrastructure, medical, digital, aerospace and other industries, tolerating even the slightest defect is not an option. These companies must therefore invest … Read more

Micro Spy Bot – Electronics For You

Microrobots with live audio and video streaming capabilities can help in tracking human beings during earthquakes and also perform underground surveys. These micro-robots can inspect very minute hole areas that are not accessible to humans. Hence these microbots are essential to find people stuck under collapsed buildings due to earthquakes. These small micro-size robots are … Read more

Low-Cost Automation Using PIC16F676 | Full Electronics Project

There are many types of home and industrial automation systems available in the market. These include IR remote controller, Bluetooth home automation, DTMF home automation, Wi-Fi home automation, RF home automation, and voice controlled home automation. The one presented here is a low-cost automation system. It can be used at home or in an industrial … Read more

Understanding Hydroponics – Electronics For You

Life seems to find its ways in highly irrelevant non-living spaces. Little did the barbaric clans of World War II ever imagine that a 180 steps descent old, suffocating, deserted tunnel meant to shelter thousands of people during war could inspire a documentary film maker, Ballard (of the Ballard-Dring led Growing Underground fame) to target … Read more