How Worthington Assembly Upped Its Inspection Game

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> For manufacturers of electronic printed-circuit-board assemblies (PCBAs) that support end products in infrastructure, medical, aerospace, and other industries, tolerating even the slightest defect is not an option. These companies must therefore invest heavily in the most advanced, reliable, and efficient quality control systems that the … Read more

Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android

Xbox Game Pass for Android is here, and although the service supports hundreds of games, only some of those support touch controls. The preferred method for playing these games may be to grab a controller, but you have the choice to go the old-school mobile gaming route and just use the screen of your phone … Read more

Android Game of the Week: Roll the dice to determine your fate in Dicey Elementalist

Playing Sagrada has given me a serious hankering for more board games. Unfortunately, as we discussed last week, good board games on mobile are something of a rarity. However, there’s a lot more on offer if you expand your definition of what constitutes a board game to include dice and card-based games. There are tons … Read more

Top 10 Best-selling Game Consoles Worldwide-

When talking about gaming products, we mean not only game consoles but a wide range of products, including large screen TVs, various peripherals, and even chairs. So we should understand that this field includes multiple directions, therefore, hundreds-thousands of manufacturers and their offers. However, among them, the game consoles seem to develop more rapidly. There … Read more

Around the world in 80 Days from the comfort of your phone [Android Game of the Week]

Spurred by a recent obsession with shows like The Gilded Age, I’ve been chasing down any kind of entertainment that can provide that late-19th / early-20th century flavor. I wasn’t expecting to find any good mobile games that capitalized on such a specific – and antiquated – setting, but 80 Days somehow managed to deliver … Read more

Apex Legends Mobile for Android review: The game you love with a few concessions

Respawn first launched Apex Legends in 2019 as what seemed to be a direct competitor to Fortnite, which had already taken over much of pop culture at the time. In the years since its release, Apex Legends received several seasons of content along with confirmation that it takes place in the Titanfall universe, growing a … Read more