Can you Play PS3 Games on PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 is the latest gaming console, and there is no doubt that PS lovers want to upgrade from PS3 and PS4 to PS5. Everyone has a common doubt in their minds if PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible or not. This means that PS5 users can play games from older PlayStations such as PS4 … Read more

Microsoft Xbox will support showing which games are unplayable

According to Eden Marie, the head of Microsoft Xbox engineering, the company is currently testing to bring a new game logo to Xbox users. This logo will help users to identify games that they cannot play. The screenshot below shows two warning signs in the lower right corner of some games on the Xbox interface: … Read more

Best Oculus Rift Games to Play on Oculus Quest 2 with Oculus Link 2021

While the Quest 2 may be more popular, the Oculus Rift has a library of fantastic games with advanced graphics and experiences that just aren’t possible on the Quest 2’s hardware. Many Oculus Quest 2 games with Rift versions support cross-buy, so you can use Oculus Link to get Rift versions of popular titles that … Read more

Best SideQuest, App Lab, and sideloaded games for Oculus Quest 2 in 2022

You could spend hundreds of hours playing through the best Meta Quest 2 games without looking for new ones, but you shouldn’t sleep on the best App Lab games, and best sideloaded titles for the Quest 2. They often provide unique experiences from indie developers , many of which are free or dirt cheap. In … Read more