iCloud Vs Gmail | Which Is Better?

For Apple users, there seem to be always two choices for certain applications. One from Apple itself. And one from a third-party developer. You can observe this tug of war for web browsers, e-mail clients, cloud storage, navigation assistant, and several others. Let us focus on the e-mail providers for a moment. Gmail and iCloud … Read more

How to set up and use Gmail in Outlook: Windows, Mac, and mobile

With web-based email clients the norm nowadays, Microsoft’s Outlook might seem outdated. However, there are a lot of strong use cases for Outlook, and it’s a great tool for monitoring multiple email accounts. But how do you set up Gmail in Outlook? Below, we tell you how to set up Gmail in Outlook across multiple … Read more

How to improve your Gmail experience with these tips

Google tried to introduce alternative e-mail experiences when it introduced Inbox. However, with a small adoption, the company decided to focus on Gmail and bring most of the innovative features to the Gmail application. There are still some missing pieces between the Desktop and Android app experience, but the search giant is trying to improve … Read more