What Do You Mean By Share Focus Status On iPhone & How To Use It

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate and keep in touch with people. The 24/7 accessibility and availability through three devices like smartphones comes with its boons and banes. Back in the day, turning off the phone was the way to disconnect with people, but with modern FOMO, this is no longer the solution. Turning … Read more

How to Fix iPhone Screen Recording Error 5823

You love recording your iPhone screen from time to time to capture important information or pictures for sharing with your friends or family members or just for fun. But, while saving the recording, your phone displays a message “Screen Recording failed by saving due to:-5823”. It can be a frustrating and troublesome issue, as the … Read more

How to Hide Apps on iPhone?

We install a lot of apps on our iPhones. Some apps such as e-mail, messengers, shopping, browsers, etc. have frequent usage. While we do not use other apps such as banking apps, games, etc. that frequently. All these apps make the home screen cluttery and crowded. What if you could do something to maintain a … Read more