Living the beta/developer build lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s a wild ride

Some reading this might know this about me, while others have no clue who I am. Part of that can be attributed to my lack of engagement on Twitter, or really any other social media platform. I’m someone who endlessly scrolls Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram without actually posting much or interacting with the content, save … Read more

Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet review: the crown for budget kids tablets isn’t going anywhere

Parents love tablets for both themselves and their kids. They are handy devices that are great for work, learning, entertainment, and relaxation. However, when handing a child a tablet, parents need to ensure that the device is easy to use, has appropriate content, and is safe to use — especially for younger children. This is … Read more

PlayStation Plus Premium isn’t all sunshine and rainbows

PlayStation’s subscription services have long lived in the shadow of what Xbox has to offer. Game Pass has become a juggernaut for Microsoft, amassing over 25 million subscribers. PlayStation Now, on the other hand, never really took off like Sony had hoped. Now that the company has merged PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus, completely revamping … Read more

Nothing Phone 1 reminds us that smartphone design innovation isn’t dead

Design is a word that’s come to mean so much that it’s also a word that has come to mean nothing.Jony Ive When we talk about smartphone design, we often say and hear things like, “design is subjective,” “design is a personal choice,” and so on. Yes, design is polarizing. Almost every smartphone design poll … Read more

Sugar isn’t so Bad: Fuel-Cell Patch Harvests Body’s Glucose

What You’ll Learn: How a unique ceramic substrate and glucose were combined to create a flexible biocompatible battery. The sophisticated fixturing built for single-unit and “volume” testing. Typical and peak results across the multiple devices. Powering devices within the body presents a dilemma: A discrete battery can provide the power but presents size and safety … Read more

AR isn’t ready for the real world yet, and Apple’s WWDC conference proved it

With some long-rumored tech products like the Apple XR headset or Pixel Fold, you start to feel like Charlie Brown sprinting excitedly towards that football, hoping in vain that Lucy the Leaker won’t yank the football away for the nth time. But one alleged delay after another makes you jaded that the product will ever … Read more

Password sharing isn’t killing Netflix, streaming fatigue is

Ryan Haines / Android Authority Netflix took the world by surprise when it announced its first-ever drop in subscriber counts earlier this month. Dropping 200,000 subscribers after a decade of growth is no joke. The poster child of streaming services has been on a spree of content creation, acquisition, and subscriber growth for years. However, … Read more