Flashback: two decades of fingerprint readers on mobile devices

In late 2000 Toshiba unveiled laptops with fingerprint readers, which allowed us to securely unlock their device with a touch of a finger, instead of having to memorize complex passwords. The first phones with a fingerprint reader on board appeared at the same time. We think that the very first was a Sagem MC 959 … Read more

Android Gaming recap: The Division is heading to mobile, Pokémon Unite celebrates anniversary

Now that we’re past Not-E3 season, you’d think game announcements would start to slow down. On the contrary, they seem to be just gearing up. July started off with Ubisoft revealing The Division Resurgence, coming to Android and iOS, which takes the series’ well-known tactical RPG gameplay and recreates New York City for the small … Read more

Tello Mobile review: A wireless provider that actually saves you money

Tello Mobile has some of the best wireless prices with a ton of flexibility, but it probably isn’t the first carrier that comes to mind when shopping for unlimited data. Wireless providers are a dime-a-dozen these days, especially MVNOs that piggyback off larger networks and deliver their same coverage for less money each month. Tello’s … Read more

The Division Resurgence is slower than you’re expecting, but that’s all for mobile

Ubisoft isn’t slowing down any of its flagship franchises anytime soon. While fans gear up to learn what’s next for Assassin’s Creed and the company works to bring Rainbow Six to mobile, a team is also hard at work on The Division Resurgence, a new tactical RPG mobile experience set in the popular universe. The … Read more

Arm’s next mobile GPUs are all about ray tracing and efficiency improvements

What you need to know Arm has announced a new series of mobile-oriented GPUs. This new “flagship GPU” is being named the Immortalis-G715, aiming to bring ray tracing to future smartphones. Arm has also announced new “premium GPUs” under the Mail branding. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an explosion in popularity when it … Read more

Arm unveils a mobile ray tracing GPU and high performance CPUs

Kris Carlon / Android Authority It’s that time of the year when industry colossus Arm reveals its new line of CPUs and GPUs that will power the following year’s smartphones. Last year saw Arm reveal CPUs based on the Armv9 architecture for the first time, along with its rebranded Mali GPU lineup. So what does … Read more

Ray tracing graphics for mobile

Along with its next-generation CPUs, Arm has lifted the lid on its latest graphics cores that could power smartphones and other gadgets in 2023 and beyond. There will technically be three GPU options in this generation: the Immortalis-G715, regular Mali-G715 sans ray tracing, and a mid-tier Mali-G615 configuration. This year’s headline grabber is the introduction … Read more