How To Use Your Phone As A Thermal Camera

Thermal cameras, or thermal accessories, are useful for thermal scanning-based fault detection, thermal throttle analysis, thermal monitoring, and many other purposes. Thermal scanning is also used in monitoring the temperature of furnaces or boilers, or for analyzing body temperature without physical contact-like detection of Covid-19 in a person. Fig. 1: Author’s prototype While thermal cameras … Read more

Best AT&T cell phone plans 2022

AT&T provides great coverage to a vast majority of Americans, especially in rural areas, and it is rapidly developing its 5G network to increase that number of people. It’s also, by far, one of the best wireless carriers you could join today and one that you can count on for great performance and reliable speeds. … Read more

Should you buy a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 phone?

Robert Triggs / Android Authority Performance enthusiasts have been quite disappointed (rightfully so) in this year’s best flagship smartphones. High-end 2022 smartphones powered by premium silicon from Samsung and Qualcomm run hot, resulting in problems ranging from excessively warm devices to throttling and poor sustained gaming performance. The common thread is that affected chipsets have … Read more

Nothing Phone (1), Is It Worth The Hype?

Nothing Technology Limited is finally out with their first ever smartphone dubbed Nothing Phone (1). This smartphone device is the talk of the town lately. Every tech enthusiast is talking about this phone, I mean the name ‘Nothing’ is everywhere. News channels, blog sites, YouTube videos, social media and many more. You may ask yourself … Read more

Three reasons why I’m not using the stock launcher on my Android phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 using Nova Launcher Source: Roland Udvarlaki, Pocketnow The majority of Android users rely heavily on the stock Android launcher that comes on their devices. Some are unaware that they can customize and download third-party launchers, while others prefer the user interface (UI) they’re given by default. There’s nothing wrong with … Read more