What Is IPX5 Water-Resistant Rating?

Who doesn’t love products that last longer and offer their best performance even after some unfortunate water splashes on them? Buying any device or item that is waterproof or at least water-resistant will protect them against ingress of liquids like from water splashes, sweat, or any moisture. Ingress protection (or International Protection) IPX rating is … Read more

IPX Rating

Most modern products, especially electronic gadgets these days are mentioning IPX rating, which determines the protection of a device against solids, fluids, or water. Thus, it becomes one of the deciding features to purchase the product in most scenarios. Here is a clear explanation of the IPX rating that helps you get an idea of … Read more

Your phone’s water resistance rating doesn’t mean much, here’s why

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority Like millions across sun-scorched Europe, I’ve been seeking refuge from the heat at my local pool. I spotted more than a few people using their phones, smartwatches, and even headphones in or around the water. At least one guy was casually drenching his Galaxy S21 to record his friends’ water … Read more