Getting Windows Ready Stuck

If you are someone who has used the Windows operating system for a long time now, you must be familiar with its tendency to get stuck. This can be especially observed when you try to restart your computer. Since Windows provides and performs regular updates and other cleanings, one of the most common messages that … Read more


There is a great deal of focus at present on the transition to Zero and Low Emission Vehicles (ZLEV) – in fact, this subject is currently dominating discussion across the industry While the AAAA fully backs this important technological evolution and will support the aftermarket industry throughout the journey, we must make sure we don’t … Read more

Delivering 2D Materials Ready for a “More than Moore” World

What you’ll learn: The need to industrialize 2D materials to extend Moore’s Law. The challenge of manufacturing 2D materials at scale. The solution to the problem of how to industrialize 2D materials. The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) has clearly identified transistors based on 2D materials as one of the key technologies that will … Read more

AR isn’t ready for the real world yet, and Apple’s WWDC conference proved it

With some long-rumored tech products like the Apple XR headset or Pixel Fold, you start to feel like Charlie Brown sprinting excitedly towards that football, hoping in vain that Lucy the Leaker won’t yank the football away for the nth time. But one alleged delay after another makes you jaded that the product will ever … Read more

OnePlus 10 Pro vs Google Pixel 6 Pro: ready to be SHOCKED? (video)

Source: Pocketnow Once upon a time there was a little smartphone company that couldn’t settle. Well, hold it. It actually started two years earlier with a much bigger company who couldn’t succeed making its own premium smartphones. The first three generations of Nexus were a showcase of specs and power with a price to match, … Read more