Construct a Smart Space with Energy-Harvesting Sensors

What you’ll learn: How battery-free wireless sensors enable sensors, switches, and other building automation components to help minimize energy usage. How battery-free wireless sensors use light, movement, and temperature differences as an energy source. How “smart spaces” can optimize energy usage regarding occupancy while utilizing existing building automation and IT infrastructures. Senior Content Director Bill … Read more

iPhone 14 selfie camera might cost Apple three times more than previous sensors: Here’s why

Source: Pocketnow (based on render by MacRumors) A new report claims that Apple will use a South Korean-made front camera in the next generation of the iPhone 14 series. The upcoming iPhone 14 lineup will reportedly use a higher-end sensor to improve the quality. As a result of the recent change, Apple will have to … Read more

The Wonderful World Of Ingenious Printed Sensors

The electronics industry has heavily relied on sensors that have rigid proportions. But can the rise of flexible, printed sensors become a game-changer for a myriad of applications, where form-factor and convenience play the core role to implement a particular technology? Conventional electronics based on PCBs are produced efficiently, resulting in a very high yield. … Read more

A history of large camera sensors for smartphones

Eric Zeman / Android Authority The first smartphones weren’t the photography behemoths that today’s flagship devices have become. Back then, if you cared about image quality, you had to lug around a dedicated camera alongside your smartphone. Not anymore. Just about any smartphone today will deliver decent images, and some, like the Google Pixel 6 … Read more