How to Choose the Power Switches For Automotive Smart Distribution

Today’s industry players are accelerating the speed of automotive technology innovation as they develop new concepts of electric, connected, autonomous, and shared mobility. Major automotive megatrends for electrification and digitalization involve zone architectures, digital driving of power devices, battery management systems, power electronics and power / energy management. The growing demand for more power and … Read more

What is Smart Switch No Neutral? Best Smart Switch No Neutral Required

A Smart Switch is a type of light switch that looks like regular switches but has several advanced features that help in home automation. Some of these features include Smartphone App Control, Scheduling, Dimming, Energy Monitoring, etc. You can even control them with Home Assistants (Google Home or Amazon Alexa). Smart Switches are a good … Read more

Smart Thermal Sensing Creates Machine Intelligence

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> PixArt is bringing Smart Thermal Sensing, an All-in-1 solution with low-power intelligent object detection capabilities fusion with the far infrared (FIR) and imaging sensor to create more machine intelligence. The far-infrared sensors can do more than just temperature sense when combined with the input from … Read more

Making Utility Management Devices SMART

RefillBot’s IoT solution makes operation scaling of smart devices easy. With compatible hardware and software supported by API, this startup has seen a 100% success rate of being deployed in 100 villages within 8 months. In spite of the immense number of offerings in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) field and inline business models, utility management still … Read more

Construct a Smart Space with Energy-Harvesting Sensors

What you’ll learn: How battery-free wireless sensors enable sensors, switches, and other building automation components to help minimize energy usage. How battery-free wireless sensors use light, movement, and temperature differences as an energy source. How “smart spaces” can optimize energy usage regarding occupancy while utilizing existing building automation and IT infrastructures. Senior Content Director Bill … Read more

Mecool Now KA2 smart camera review: A versatile webcam with a few trade-offs

The Mecool Now KA2 is a breath of fresh air in the webcam segment, combining a smart camera and a streamer in one package. I’ve reviewed a handful of streaming devices from Mecool over the past few months, including the Mecool KD3 dongle and the HomePlus KA1 Android TV box. The latter doubles as a … Read more

Best deals today: Razer Blade 14, OnePlus 10 Pro, Samsung smart TVs, and more

Source: Razer Today’s Best Deals CONTENTS CLOSE Razer Blade 14 Source: Razer We’ve seen tons of amazing deals today after the announcement of Samsung’s new foldable devices, but deals don’t stop there as we have also spotted some interesting deals at Amazon, Adorama, and Best Buy, where you will find the Razer Blade 14 Gaming … Read more

Why I’m finally building my own smart home after years of waiting

How “smart” you can make your smart home is directly related to how much of your home you actually own. A renter can buy a smart speaker, but outside of playing music and answering questions about the weather, Alexa or Google Assistant won’t do much for you when you can’t install anything permanently without kissing … Read more