NTSB Calls for Alcohol Detection Systems in All New Vehicles

What you’ll learn: Measures to reduce alcohol-related crashes. What technologies are needed for alcohol-impairment detection? Potential technologies for speed limiting. While you can’t always trust statistics, it’s tough to dispute the numbers underpinning the notion that driving under the influence of alcohol remains a leading cause of injury-involved highway crashes. According to the National Highway … Read more

Renewables: What’s Next in Energy Storage Systems?

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> While more than a billion people on the planet do not have access to a power grid, we are witnessing a growing pervasiveness of small solar systems in which a solar panel and a battery are connected to constitute a system along with an electrical … Read more

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Hydrogen ICEs, and 48-V Systems Shine at Truck Show

What you’ll learn: The hot topics at IAA Transportation 2022. Latest innovations in the hydrogen ICE and hydrogen fuel-cell spaces. The trend towards building 48-V systems. IAA Transportation 2022, kicking off today in Hannover, Germany and running through September 25, is the world’s largest platform for transport and logistics. It’s restarting after the break caused … Read more

What’s the Difference Between Unikernels and Operating Systems?

This article is part of the TechXchange: VMs, Unikernels, and Containers Virtualization technology, whereby multiple operating systems can be run on shared hardware, is extremely well understood if somewhat inefficient in its use of resources. Just a few decades ago, everyone used virtual machines (VM) to host and manage the infrastructure. More recently, industries have … Read more

Cybersecurity Threats Loom Over Endpoint AI Systems

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> With endpoint AI (or TinyML) in its infancy stage and slowly getting adopted by the industry, more companies are incorporating AI into their systems for predictive maintenance purposes in factories or even keyword spotting in consumer electronics. But with the addition of an AI component … Read more

Retired Batteries Are Viable Options for Energy Storage Systems

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> Finding a technically attractive and cost-efficient way to store energy from intermittent sources, such as solar and wind power, is a major challenge, but one with many possible solutions. Obviously, there is no single “best” solution here, as it depends on the required electrical capacity, … Read more

Inspiration or Imitation: How Closely Should We Copy Biological Systems?

//php echo do_shortcode(‘[responsivevoice_button voice=”US English Male” buttontext=”Listen to Post”]’) ?> Neuromorphic computing was born in the 1980s in Carver Mead’s lab, when Mead described the first analog silicon retina. In Mead’s day, “neuromorphic” meant emulating biological neural processes in silicon, copying them as closely as possible. But nowadays the word has a broader meaning. Different … Read more

A Guide To A Career In Embedded Systems

Embedded systems serve as a bridge between traditional hardware and software. With artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing, and other advancements, the embedded systems are experiencing meteoric growth with many vast and interdisciplinary sub-fields. So, the term Embedded Systems means different to different people in the industry. This article will help gain some important perspectives about … Read more

Real-Time Systems Safe Hypervisor Running on Intel Atom x6000E Series

Real-Time Systems (RTS) announces the upcoming availability of its new RTS Safe Hypervisor. The RTS Safe hypervisor will be an OS independent functional safety certified Type 1 hypervisor to target mixed-critical workloads based on x86 multicore processor technologies and will be available worldwide. The new RTS Safe Hypervisor will be delivered as a complete OEM … Read more

e-con Systems ™ Launches Multi-camera Solution for NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Based on Sony STARVIS IMX485

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin | Sony STARVIS IMX485 | 1 / 1.2 ”sensor | Large pixel size | 4K resolution | Multi-camera solution e-con Systems™, a leading embedded OEM camera company, and an NVIDIA Elite Partner, today launched the e-CAM82_CUOAGX – a 4K ultra-low-light camera powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin ™ system-on-a-module and … Read more