Half Subtractor and Full Subtractor Truth Table, Equation, Circuit

Binary Subtractor A Binary Subtractor is a digital circuit that performs the arithmetic binary subtraction between two numbers with respect to the logical operations and laws of Boolean Algebra. The subtractors are used in combinational circuit design and the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) of the processor to calculate multiple addresses. Subtractor circuits reduce sound distortion … Read more

ECOLOR Aurora review: Get groovy with this fun smart table lamp

ECOLOR’s affordable smart lighting solutions are excellent gifts for children. The company makes smart light strips, table lamps, and even portable lights, all constructed with child-safe high quality plastic materials. The ECOLOR Aurora smart table lamp is one of the newest additions to the brand’s smart lighting lineup. Unlike the crescent moon-shaped ECOLOR Smart Table … Read more

Track Saw Vs Table Saw

About Track Saw A track saw comes with a track that can stick to the material for providing better accuracy. It is a circular saw to make a straight edge. However, it only utilizes the railing track to make a straight cut. You can make long straight cuts while working on freshly cut lumber. These … Read more