Car Touch Screen Stereo Not Working- Fixing Solutions

In recent times, smart car stereos with flat touch screens are quite common. These smart screens have made car music scenarios even better with their smart control and one-touch setup. Now, you can use your fingers to change a song or even a radio station instead of turning multiple knobs. But, with such advanced technology … Read more

Every game with touch controls on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for Android

Xbox Game Pass for Android is here, and although the service supports hundreds of games, only some of those support touch controls. The preferred method for playing these games may be to grab a controller, but you have the choice to go the old-school mobile gaming route and just use the screen of your phone … Read more

Best Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Mods and Accessories 2022

While the Oculus Quest 2 ships with the amazing Oculus Touch controllers – which headses can fully move-track to give you a 1: 1 experience in VR – sometimes what your hands are actually holding might not quite look like what you’re holding in VR. That’s why these great Oculus Quest 2 controller accessories are … Read more