A Complete Guide On Fixing Windows Error Code 0x80070490

While you are accustomed to the mail app of Windows 10 devices, it sometimes becomes unpredictable. Some users have reported that whenever they tried to add a new mail account in the app, their computer displayed the message “Something went wrong. We couldn’t find your settings. Error code: 0x80070490.“ This 0x80070490 error can be irritating … Read more

Getting Windows Ready Stuck

If you are someone who has used the Windows operating system for a long time now, you must be familiar with its tendency to get stuck. This can be especially observed when you try to restart your computer. Since Windows provides and performs regular updates and other cleanings, one of the most common messages that … Read more

9 Methods To Fix The Kernel Exception Not Handled Error On Windows

Kmode Exception Not Handled is a type of error where the whole system of the computer crashes and the system shuts down. The error takes place when the Kernel Mode Program throws an exception while an error handler cannot identify the problem. Usually, there is an error code 0X0000001E and some other times the complete … Read more

7 Ways To Fix Driver Power State Failure BSOD Error [Windows 10, 11]

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Top Ten Methods to Fix the Red Screen of Death for Windows 10 Devices

While the blue screen of death or BSOD is quite common among PC users, there is another similar phenomenon – the Red Screen of Death or RSOD. Many have experienced a red screen on their computer that does not go away even after pressing a key. The red colored screen remains fixed and it prevents … Read more

LattePanda 3 Delta – The Fastest Pocket-sized Windows 11/Linux Single Board Computer

Introduction The growing adoption of IoT technology and related products has caused a corresponding growth in the market of single-board computers. In the past few years we have seen several SBC market manufacturers flood the market with different makes and types of boards, so much so that with the number of single-board computers available now … Read more

How to Share Wi-Fi Password? Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS

Sharing is caring. This applies to our home Wi-Fi networks as well. Whenever a friend or family member comes to your home, they look for a stable internet connection. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is always better than depending on mobile / cellular internet. In such situations, you have to open up your network and … Read more

Microsoft Windows and Xbox revenue takes a serious dive

American software and hardware giant, Microsoft is one of the largest brands globally. However, the expansion and global nature of a company do not guarantee a steady income stream. According to recent reports, Microsoft recently announced its financial report for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022. In the official announcement, the company hit … Read more

How to format and partition an external hard drive on Windows

Windows is pretty good with hard disk file systems. While you may think that you’re stuck with the same partitions and format your hard disk came with, Windows will let you change things up as per your preference. It’s not too complicated, either. Here’s how to format and partition an external hard drive on Windows. … Read more

How to encrypt a hard drive on Windows or macOS

Encryption is a powerful security feature, getting stronger over the years to protect data as exploits keep getting more powerful every day. While it’s commonly used in enterprise solutions, you can use encryption for your data as well, and you probably should. Encrypting a hard drive on your computer isn’t very hard, either. It’s very … Read more